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Have you ever wanted to feel the power of being a priest? Well now you can! get the full priest outfit, create LLG sponsored events in your area, and get our premium merch pack sent right to your door! How can you say no?

Kit contains:

- LLG Priest Robe

- Ability to save lost souls (*results may vary)

- LLG Pendant with sterling silver chain

- 2 Limited edition LLG hatpins

- 2 Limited edition LLG buttons

- 4 Limited edition LLG stickers

- MEGA Art pack ready for evangelizing
- Acess to all of our premium videos

- VIP access to the high priests

- VIP access to the social media team

- VIP access to the content creation team

- LLG certificate with your name and unique ID number

- Create and lead cleanup events in your area with guided materials from us!

**Even though you won't actually be a legally ordained priest, you can still have fun spreading the word, help to make content for LLG, and you can help to save the planet by creating cleanup events in your area. Sweet deal!

***Saving souls is hard. Results may vary.

Priest Kit

$199.00 Regular Price
$129.35Sale Price
Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Priest Box
VIP access, event hosting, and BIG savings!
$116.42every month for 12 months
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